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FA Project

If you have questions just ask and I will help in any way I can.

This page and the ones that follow will show you how I built the Glow Fuel Powered FA Engine.
"To date it is the only one like it in the world"

You can always Click the pictures to enlarge them.


Here is a look at the finished FA Glow Powered Engine.
Please continue your visit to learn how the engine was built.

Stock used for the trucks.

Stock is cut for the bearing blocks.

Then the blocks are trued and the truck plates are cut.

Holes for the bearings are marked and drilled.

Then the bearing holes are reamed to size.
(A good press fit is used on all bearings)

Ready for the bearings to be pressed in.

All the parts ready to be bolted together for the front truck.
(Note the top bearing block is cut on both sides to clear the gear)

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