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This page is set up to help a fellow modeler (Steve Carrozza) locate a model he scratch
built with his father back in the 1970's. Below is a picture of the model he is searching for.
If you have seen this model or know someone who might have information about it. Please
pass this URL on to them just in case it might help Steve in his efforts to locate the model.
I don't know Steve. But, I do wish him lots of luck in his search.
(Construction pictures are shown below)
Steve writes...
To all members and friends of the club;
My name is Steve Carrozza, I live in New Jersey. I am searching for a scratch-built version of a 1930's vintage Super Buccaneer. The Super Buccaneer has about a 90" wing span. Originally designed as a free-flight model, it is a high wing, tail dragger, with wrapped front and rear windshields, three side cabin  windows, and round wing-tips; looks like a streched Piper Cub. There is distinctive scalloping where the front sheathing feathers into the rear fuselage stringers.  It is covered with yellow Cover-ite and painted black trim. Since you all are in the hobby, and run into each other at meets, etc., I thought you may be able to help me.
In the 1970's I scratch built this model with my dad. I started with only an orthographic drawing of the plane (top, front and side views) that we acquired from a magazine add. I did all of the descriptive geometry to develop the fuselage and foil sections. We then modified the design for 3 channel RC, reinforced the fuselage with an internal box truss, and converted the undercamber to a flat, higher speed wing foil. I believe the wing was originally a polyhederal, we converted it to a dihederal. It was eventually equipped with a 4-cycle one h.p. engine. With many interruptions (my parents split up, my dad took the planes...), the Buccaneer took ten years to complete. But, the detailing and workmanship was impeccable, and the performance was almost perfect. Upon its maiden flight, it hardly needed a trim.
Anyway, Since then, my dad moved to Florida, retired and recently passed away. I learned afterwards that he had sold the airplanes (thinking that I had enough to worry about with kids and all). It was sold to an old gent in his neighborhood about four years ago who re-sold it at a "flea market" somewhere in FL. That is all I know.
If you have seen this airplane (I'm sure you guys and gals have eyes and ears for these things) I would greatly appreciate if you could put me in touch with its owner so I could make him an offer. A reward would be in order for your efforts as well. I can be reached at this e-mail (svc1@optonline.net), or at (973)632-9931. I would be greatful for any help you could offer in my search for this important and memorable part of my youth.
Thanks for taking the time to view this page.
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