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Here you will find video clips of the Sea Breeze paraplane in action.
Please click and allow each clip to load.  Please be patient.
These are unedited clips taken during test flights.
handlaunchgrip  (5.82MB)
Here is how to hold the Sea Breeze model when launching.

Clip #1 (2.98MB)
Clip #2 (2.84MB)
Two clips I took as I test flew a
24" X 62" Sea Breeze parachute.

shorttakeoff1         (1.62MB)
slowtakeoffa           (3.56MB)
touchango1            (5.82MB)
flyby1                    (5.82MB)
flyby2                    (2.92MB)
flyaround1              (5.82MB)
flyinginthewinda      (5.82MB)
landing1                 (4.45MB)
landingdone1          (2.93MB)
Various clips taken during test flights
of the larger 31" X 82" Sea Breeze model.