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Mounting the prop guard.
Your Gondola should look like this at the moment.
You will need the prop guard you made in step 1.
Center the center marks made on the prop guard in step #1 to the main frame and wrap with copper wire.
Set the prop guard so it is a minimum of 3/8'' in front of the prop and make sure the prop guard is square to the prop..
NOTE: The small 9" piece of the prop guard should be on the bottom as seen here.
Then wrap the bottom of the prop guard as well and solder both joints.
Top Joint.
Bottom joint.
Here is a look at what your Gondola should look like now.
This will complete this step.


If you have questions just ask I am always glad to help when I can.
It will also help me (if you have a problem) to let me know which step your on.
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