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Here are the details for building the pay-load area.
Notch the pay-load plate for the landing gear brace as shown here. (notch at top right in image)
Then notch the 3/16'' plywood parts for a good fit to the piano wire.
Note the bottom piece is all one piece and will be glued on last. (Shown at the top of the image)
Place a payload plate in place and epoxy the 3/16'' parts to it as shown in the image.
Then epoxy the other side on making sure to fill the areas around the main frame wire with epoxy.

This will complete the pay-load area.
The pay-load plate is where you should mount the heaviest part of your added weight.
If need be, you can place the receiver and receiver battery (if flat pack) in the fuel tank compartment. This will give you more room on the pay-load plate.


If you have questions just ask I am always glad to help when I can.
It will also help me (if you have a problem) to let me know which step your on.
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