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Here are the plan sheets needed for these steps.
Print out each page listed below and tape them together to form the full size plan sheet.
Top main frame
Lower main frame
Section B
Section C
Click on the above links and when each page has finished downloading.  RIGHT click on the image and select
"Save Picture As..." and note where you put the image. Then bring up the image and set the printing options.
as follows;  Left Margin  0.5"   and set the Top Margin to  0.5"  Then print at 100%.
Check the 2" scale noted on each page to be sure it has printed at the right size. If not adjust print size until
you have the 2" scale measuring 2" between the marks.
Cut the parts and prep the brass as noted on the plans.
You will also need the landing gear parts you made in the last step.
Then put the main frame together over the plan.
 Mark the bend for the front axle.
Rotate the frame 90 degrees and place it back over the plan aligning the bend mark then mark the end of
the front axle and then cut off the remaining piano wire.
Then check the frame for square. You can rotate the axle braces to get the frame square if need be.
At this point you can take the frame back apart and bend the top of the main frame to match the plan.
Before you make the bends for the top. You need to slide a piece of 5/16'' mashed brass on the wire then place the 11/32'' round brass on the wire then place another 5/16'' mashed brass on the wire and then you can make the bend at the 8 1/2'' mark to match the plan.
Next slide the 7/32" mashed brass for the 1/16" frame brace on the wire then place the 9/32'' mashed
brass for the fly-bar mount on the wire then make the last bend to match the plan.
Now that you know how to put the frame together you can start to solder the joints.
Start with the fly-bar mount and solder it up making sure the joint is flat and the solder takes
well to the piano wire.
Soldering tip: Use flux and heat the wire just enough for the solder to take to it.
DO NOT solder the 7/32" mashed brass for the 1/16" frame brace.
This will be the last part you solder.
Next Solder the firewall mount piano wire. Note how the piano wire is set before soldering.
It must be square as it controls the thrust line of the engine.
Next put together the rear of the frame by sliding the prepped brass over the joints and then solder the 3) 5/16'' pieces of prepped brass to secure the frame.

Camera Pod Option
If you do not want to add a wireless camera pod you may skip this step.
If you are going to be using a wireless camera system you can add the camera pod option to your frame at this stage of the building.

Add the rear axle and gear braces and check the frame as before to be sure it is square.
Then you can solder up the landing gear and the landing gear braces.
Then wrap the axle to the main frame with stranded wire and solder the joint to secure it.
Clean all the soldered areas and sand the frame so your ready for the next step.


If you have questions just ask I am always glad to help when I can.
It will also help me (if you have a problem) to let me know which step your on.
Email your questions or comments to me at: