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Fuel line hookup
Prep a 1" piece of antenna tube to use as the fuel line fitting.
Use the 1" fitting to secure the fuel line from the tank to the needle valve. This joint is where you will fuel the tank as well.

Throttle linkage
Prep the throttle servo horn as shown here.
Then put a Z bend in one end of the 1/16" throttle linkage.
Place the linkage on the carb and bend as shown.
Then make the second bend as shown.
Then with the radio system on again, center the throttle stick and set the trim all the way up.
Place the carb barrel at 40% power and mark the location for the other Z bend.
Then remove the wire and make that Z bend.
Then install the linkage and tweak it so that the throttle will shut off it the stick is pulled all the way back no matter where the trim is set. This way if you need to abort a launch you will be shutting off the engine by pulling the throttle stick all the way back with out having to pull the trim all the way back as well.
When the throttle is set correctly. Secure the servo horn with the screw.

Installing the muffler
Then bolt on the muffler and hookup the vent line to it.

CHECK THE CG and adjust if not correct.
Move the fly-bar in or out on the fly-bar bracket to adjust the CG.
The front wheel should be 1 to 1 1/2'' off a flat level surface when the main frame is lowered by the fly-bar and the rear wheels touch.

Completed .46 Sea Breeze Gondola
Here is a look at the completed Gondola.
If your Gondola looks like this one then it's a
Job well done!

* * * SPECIAL NOTICE * * *
I would really enjoy seeing what you have created.
I would like to post pictures of models that were built using these plans and instructions.
Please send me a picture or two of the model you have created. And let me know if it would be OK to share them with others. I will not post pictures without the builders OK. But, I would like to see them myself.
Thanks and I hope you get many years of flying pleasure from the model you have just created.
If you do email pictures. Please put the words ".46 Gondola Picture" in the subject line.

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If you have questions just ask I am always glad to help when I can.
It will also help me (if you have a problem) to let me know which step your on.
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