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Install the steering linkage
Next mount the fly-bar as shown using 1/8'' wheel collars and a piece of fuel tubing over the remaining 1/8'' piano wire.
NOTE:  When the model is complete you will need to adjust the fly-bar to
change the CG location by moving the fly-bar on the fly-bar bracket.
More on adjusting the CG later.
I complete the fly-bar installation using a rubber cap.

Install the wheels
Here are the items needed to install the rear wheels.
Start by adding the 1'' piece of heat shrink to cover the axle brace joint.
Then heat the shrink wrap.
Then slide a piece of fuel tubing 1 1/2'' long on the rear axle.
Place the 2 3/4'' wheel on the axle and secure with a 5/32'' wheel collar.
Then push the fuel tubing snug to the wheel to add a little drag on the wheel.
Next add a 1/2'' piece of fuel tubing to the front axle and secure the 2 3/4'' wheel with a 5/32 wheel collar. 
Secure all collars (except the 2 holding on the battery) by soldering them in place.
Here is a look at the Gondola as it starts to take shape.

Steering Linkage
You will need 2 large servo savers for the steering servos.
Here you can see the arms I have added to them.
Then you will need 2 4/40 EZ connectors. 
Turn on the radio system and center the steering servos.
Then mount the modified servo savers.
Cut and bend the linkage as shown.
Then install the short bend into the fly-bar.
Make sure the linkage does not bind and works freely.
Use the clear tubing that came with your fuel tank to make spacers for the back side of the steering linkage.
Then add 3/32'' wheel collars to secure the top to the steering linkage to the fly-bar.
Then slide the bottom of the linkage into the EZ connectors and adjust the fly-bar so it is level then tighten the EZ connectors and secure the servo savers with the servo arm screws..


If you have questions just ask I am always glad to help when I can.
It will also help me (if you have a problem) to let me know which step your on.
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