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Sand, paint and reassemble the Gondola.

Getting ready for paint
Remove the frame braces and use CA to harden the plywood where the frame braces mount to the pay-load plate. Then reinstall the frame braces.

OK before you paint the frame.
I have revised the rear main gear and have the details ready. However, I need you to email me here at: paraplanes@atlantic.net so I can send the .46 SB main frame update to you. It is a simple revision to the main frame and even if you have already built the .46 Gondola and have been flying it. You too can update your gondola to the new design.

Sand and paint the Gondola and fuel tank compartment lid.

Servo prep work
Place double sided tape on each servo as shown.

Install the throttle servo
Once the paint has cured you are ready to assemble the model for the final time starting with the throttle servo.
Note: You will use double sided tape and the piano wire brackets made earlier to mount the servos. You will use 1/16'' wheel collars to secure the piano wire mounting brackets. I solder all the collars except the ones on the battery bracket.

Install the engine mount
Engine mount.

Install the steering servos
Large scale servos.

Install the fuel tank
Fuel tank.

Install the switch and battery
Switch and battery.

Install the antenna tube
Antenna tube.

Install the receiver
Mount the receiver inside the fuel tank compartment.
Push the receiver antenna through the antenna tube.
Be sure to pull all the antenna wire through the tube. DO NOT leave any antenna wire inside the
fuel tank compartment and NEVER cut the antenna wire. Let the extra hang from the antenna tube.


If you have questions just ask I am always glad to help when I can.
It will also help me (if you have a problem) to let me know which step your on.
Email your questions or comments to me at: