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Installing the wireless camera pad
and bending the front axle.
Follow the information provided here to install the wireless camera pad option and to bend the front axle..

You will need the camera pad plywood parts cut as noted on the plan.
These parts should be glued using epoxy.
Align the 3/16'' plywood and mark around the piano wire as shown.
Cut the marks out of the 3/16'' plywood and epoxy the parts to one of the 1/8'' pieces of plywood and let cure.
Then epoxy the parts to the Gondola and clamp to let cure.
Here is a side view of the camera pod.
Then bend the front axle to complete the Gondola.
After the epoxy cures. Sand the wireless camera pad and remove any excess epoxy.
This will complete this step.


If you have questions just ask I am always glad to help when I can.
It will also help me (if you have a problem) to let me know which step your on.
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