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Pre-installing the antenna tube.
Follow the information provided here to make and install the antenna tube and support bracket.

You will need a 18" piece of antenna tube, 2 small wood screws and 1'' piece of  7/32'' round brass.
Mash the 7/32'' brass tube flat.
Then align the flat brass at the back of the fuel tank compartment as shown here.
Then mark the location of the bend needed to secure the tube to the fuel tank compartment.
Here you can see how I fabricated the simple tool to bend the antenna tube bracket.
To make the bracket. I placed the flattened brass where the bend needed to be and laid a short piece of 1/8'' piano wire over the slot. As shown here, tapping the piano wire into the slot with a hammer has created the bracket.  
Then drill the holes for the mounting screws.
Check the bend to make sure you have it correct.
Then sand the ends to remove the sharp edges.
Place the antenna tube in the bracket and drill 2 small pilot holes for the screws.
Mark the fuel tank compartment as shown and drill a 1/8'' hole in the marked location.
Then prep the end of the antenna tube as shown here.
TIP: Heat the tube 3/4'' from the end while turning. As the plastic becomes soft it will bend. Shape the soft plastic to form a 90 degree bend.
The right way is shown on the left and the wrong way is shown on the right.
Once the 90 degree bend is complete. Heat the end of the tube to form a lip around the tube. (see image above)
In the image above you can see how a lip can be formed on the antenna tube that will secure the fuel line to it. You will also form this lip on a short piece of tubing later to create a fuel line fitting.
Here is a look at the antenna tube before it was mounted.
Push the tube through the hole and place a 3'' piece of fuel tubing on the antenna tube to secure it in the hole.
The antenna wire will be pushed through the antenna tube and exit out the other end when the receiver is installed.
Here is a look at the antenna tube after it was mounted to the fuel tank compartment.
Remove the antenna tube and bracket.
This will complete this step.


If you have questions just ask I am always glad to help when I can.
It will also help me (if you have a problem) to let me know which step your on.
Email your questions or comments to me at: