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Pre-mounting the Battery.
The battery will be pre-mounted in order to make the holes for it in the pay-load plate.
After painting the Gondola you will mount the battery using the bracket you will make in this step.
The bracket will be held in place using 2) 1/16'' wheel collars.
You will need your battery and 1/16'' piano wire.
Bend the wire to form a battery holder.
Loop one wire around the other where they cross and solder the joint.
Place the bracket on the pay-load plate and mark the holes for the bracket.
Drill the holes for the bracket and check the fit with the battery installed in the bracket.
The bracket will be held in place using 2) 1/16'' wheel colars after the Gondola has been painted..
Remove the battery and bracket from the pay-load plate and set it aside
This will complete this step.


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