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Pre-mounting the switch.
The switch will be pre-mounted in order to make the holes for the switch in the fuel tank compartment lid.
After painting the Gondola you will mount the switch back in the lid.
Remove the switch cover from the switch and lay it on the fuel tank compartment as shown. 
Then mark the center opening and the screw holes in the switch cover onto the fuel tank compartment lid.
Then drill out the holes to match the switch cover.
Then mount the switch in the lid.
I mounted the switch so that when moving the switch slide toward the right turns off the switch.
It is your choice.
Here is a look at the mounted switch.
My switch is off when it is to the right.
Remove the switch. Set it aside and you are ready for the next step.
This will complete this step.


If you have questions just ask I am always glad to help when I can.
It will also help me (if you have a problem) to let me know which step your on.
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