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Pre-mounting the fuel tank.
The fuel tank will be pre-mounted in order to make the holes for the fuel line exits in the firewall.
After painting the Gondola you will mount the fuel tank again.
Here is how your model should look at this time.
You will need a 10oz fuel tank and fuel line to complete this step.
Click Here for helpful information on putting together a cluck type fuel tank.
Once you have your fuel tank put together you are ready to drop it in the hole.
 The information provided about putting together a fuel tank shows 90 degree bends on the outside of the fuel tank. These bends are not needed in this installation and when finished your fuel tank should look like the one shown below.
Here is how your fuel tank should look when you have the clunk system installed in it..
Start the vent hole in the firewall by drilling straight in just above the engine mount mark.
When the hole is started you can move your drill to the left and point it down so
the hole is drilled on an angle toward the vent line exit on the fuel tank.
NO NOT drill a hole in your fuel tank. Move it up before you drill through the firewall.
Then drill the fuel line exit just below the engine mount mark as shown in the image. 
I have cut the fuel line at 4'' and the vent line was cut to 8''.
Remove the fuel tank and fuel lines. Set them aside and you are ready for the next step.
This will complete this step.


If you have questions just ask I am always glad to help when I can.
It will also help me (if you have a problem) to let me know which step your on.
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