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Pre-mounting the servos.
The servos will be pre-mounted in order to make the brackets that will be used to secure them in place.
After painting the Gondola you will mount the servos again using double sided tape and the brackets you will be making in this step.
Your Gondola should look like this at the moment.
You will need 2 large scale servos, 1 standard servo
2 large scale servo savers and 1 piece of 1/16'' piano wire 16 inches long.
I have modified the large scale servo savers by adding a 1 1/2'' arm to them. I will give you more info on the servo savers later.
Prep the large scale servos as shown by creating a notch so the wire lays flat on the servo mounting taps.
I cut and solder the two servos leads together rather than using a Y harness.
Do as you prefer here.
Then cut and bend the servo mounting wire as shown here.
The wire should be bend for a snug fit on the servos.
Here is how the wire will be used to secure the servos to the Gondola.
Place a servo saver on the servo and hold the servo on the fuel tank compartment
side plate as shown and drill the holes for the 1/16'' mounting wire.
Then add the wire to the servo and check the fit.
After painting the Gondola the servo mounting wires will be secured with a 1/16" wheel collar.
Then mount the servo on the other side in the same manner.
At this point you should have both servos hanging on the Gondola.
Later, after the Gondola has been painted you will mount the servos using the
wire you have just made along with double sided foam tape.
More on this later. For now remove the large scale servos and mount the throttle servo.
After removing the large scale servos, mark around the engine mount and remove it from the firewall.
For easy drilling hold the throttle servo on the outside of the firewall as shown here.
Then drill the hole for the wire mount.
Then place the mounting wire on the servo and test fit it by putting it inside the fuel tank compartment.
Now remove the throttle servo and set it aside.
This will complete this step.


If you have questions just ask I am always glad to help when I can.
It will also help me (if you have a problem) to let me know which step your on.
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