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FREE Sea Breeze .46 Gondola plans
Frequently Asked Questions
Are the plans really free and where can I find them? 
"YES" just click here to review them.
Can I build your design and will it fly good?
If you will follow all of the directions I have posted on the web. You can build the .46 Gondola without a problem.
However, the 120" parachute is a little more detailed in that everything has to be right or it will not fly right.
The 120" parachute also has to be rigged properly and with 48 rigging lines, that can take a lot of time to get right. 
 I would suggest you build the Gondola and let me build and rig your parachute.
It is the best way to get in the air and know what you built will fly.
In fact if you build a .46 Gondola and follow the step by step instructions and order a Sea Breeze RTF parachute.
 When you have completed your model and test fly it, you find it don't or won't fly right for you. If you will send it to
me I will either fix yours so it does fly right or I will build you one at no charge to you. I am that confident in the Sea Breeze design. I have been flying this parachute design since 1989 and I know it works. I won't offer one that don't.
This is another reason I test fly every parachute that goes out. I need to know that it works and works as it was designed to.
How long will it take to build the Gondola?
That is not a easy question to answer. I would say it really depends on ones building skills.
I can put one together and have it painted in about 7 hrs. Let the paint cure over night and have it ready to hook a parachute to and fly in another 3 hours. The Gondola plans and instructions will take you through the building process step by step.
You can review the plans and instructions listed here to see what all is involved in building a .46 Gondola.
Having both the plans and construction pictures will speed up your building efforts I am sure.
Why are the plans free?
The plans are free for 2 main reasons.
#1 The .46 Gondola is pretty simple to build.  And to be honest, there is no way I could keep up with the demand for them if I were not offering the plans so people could build their own main frame. I do build complete ready to fly models for people that do not want to build. But, in an effort to lower the total cost of the completed model. A person can use aircraft related items they may already have to save on the total cost of the model. These items would include 3) 2 3/4'' wheels, .46 engine mount, .46 engine, 10 oz fuel tank, 1/8'' and 3/16'' plywood, 1/16'', 3/32'' and 5/32'' piano wire , wheel collars etc.  I have spent countless hours (as you may have already seen) putting together a detailed set of plans posted on a web site that also includes step by step instructions to help everyone build a great flying model.
#2 The second reason is that there was a fellow modeler in Australia that wanted to order one of the RTF .46 Sea Breeze models until we found out shipping of the RTF model was going to cost almost $350.00 and after some checking I found out that a RTF parachute could be sent for only $16.00. So the idea was born to help modelers all over the world enjoy flying a Sea Breeze model using a Gondola they build themselves.
How long does it take to get a parachute if I order one?
Placing the order is the first step. Parachutes are started when a minimum 50% deposit is received.
In most cases parachutes are completed in 2 days of the start date.
If I have one order come in I get it out faster than if I have 4 or 5 come in at once.
 Every effort is made to get parachute orders what I like to call "sewn and flown"  ASAP to stay ahead of the demand. 
Once a parachute has been test flown pictures will be sent of the test flight and the balance is due.
When the balance is received the parachute is shipped. Most send the full payment and avoid any delay. 
Where do you get your parachutes from?
Each Sea Breeze parachute is custom sewn, rigged and test flown by myself.
That is the main reason I am so confident in the Sea Breeze parachute.
I know they fly well because I sew each one and test fly it myself.
Is your parachute a converted kite?
No converted kites here.
In fact if a Sea Breeze parachute is build for you. You will receive a URL so you can watch as your parachute is sewn, rigged and even test flown. You see all the steps as they happen.
What colors do your parachutes come in?
In a second effort to show the Sea Breeze parachutes are not converted kites you may design the color layout for your parachute. The parachute has 18 bays and I recommend that one color be used for a minimum of 2 bays.
This way the color will stand out better. The most common colors used are red, blue, light blue, green, yellow, black, white and raspberry.
Custom parachutes can also be sew.  Download the blank parachute order form and open it in MS Paint Brush
 program and add the colors you would like to the drawing. Then email it and a quote
will be sent back to you along with payment information.
How big can I get a Sea Breeze parachute?
 RTF Sea Breeze parachutes come in three sizes:
 24" X  62" requires a .25 size Gondola  
31'' X  82''  requires a .40 size Gondola
39'' X  120''  requires a .46 size Gondola
All Sea Breeze RTF Parachutes have 18 cells and comes pre-tested and ready to fly.
They do require a Gondola you can build yourself with the included Free Plans.
What if I can't get the parachute to fly?
All Sea Breeze parachutes come sewn and rigged as well as having been test flown. This guarantees the parachute will fly.
I have yet to hear of anyone who has gotten one of my parachutes that has not been 100% satisfied with it.
How much does a Sea Breeze parachute cost?
That depends on the size parachute you want.
Pricing information can be found at:
Custom parachutes can also be sew. Download the blank parachute order form and open it in MS Paint Brush
 program and add the colors you would like to the drawing. Then email it and a quote
will be sent back to you along with payment information.
You can view other parachutes I have built Here: http://testfly.0catch.com/aircraft/paraplanes.html
What is a Basic color parachute?
Basic means the color runs from the leading edge to the trailing edge of the parachute.
None basic parachutes can also be sew such as some flags and even a Jolly Roger parachute was sewn recently. 
 Download the blank parachute order form and open it in MS Paint Brush
 program and add the colors you would like to the drawing. Then email it and a quote
will be sent back to you along with payment information.
There are limits. But, I will do the best I can to get you what your wanting.
Where can I see pictures of your Sea Breeze parachutes?
Take a look Here and select the parachute size.
  Is there any support offered with the free .46 plans?
The plans include step by step instructions with over 100 photos
as well as building support by email to insure your success.
An email link is provided on each page of the instructions.

If you have a question about the .46 Free Gondola plan set or the
step by step building instructions that was not covered here.
Email it and I will get back to you ASAP with an answer.