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Starting your engine is simple when you follow a few basic steps.
Step 1) Fuel the tank
Fill the fuel tank but do not over fill. This will result in fuel getting in the muffler.
Which will end up on your parachute when you go to fly.
Step 2) Prime the engine
Place your finger over the exhaust opening and flip the prop with the throttle 1/2 open.
This will force fuel from the tank to the engine.
Step 3) Start the engine
Open the throttle for engine start. Connect the glow plug battery.
Use caution and flip the prop as you did when you primed the engine.
The engine should pop and or start in the first few flips. If you never
hear a pop then re-prime the engine. If the engine pops but does not start.
open the throttle a little more. (Not to much as the engine will not pull the
fuel from the tank when starting if the throttle is open to wide.)
Good Luck and Happy Flying!

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