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After the lines are attached to the parachute.
Follow the steps below to tie them and add the clips.
Bring the ends of the lines for each side of the parachute together.
Tie a knot near the end of the lines to keep them together.
Then place the knot through the clip ring as shown.
Next wrap a piece of line around the lines 3 times near the ring and tie it of using several knots.
Each side should look like the image shown above.
This will allow you to adjust the lines as needed.
To adjust the lines you will need to hang the parachute by one set of lines as shown.
Then review the plan for each line length.
The first step is to subtract 4" from the line lengths show on the plans.
Measure from the tip of the parachute clip down to each string attachment point on the parachute.
Pull on each line until it is at the proper length. If you have tied the lines as show above it will be easy to adjust them.
Once you have adjusted the lines on one side of the parachute.
Lock the lines by removing the original knot at the end of the lines and
ting a new knot right next to the clip ring as shown in the image above.
Now re hang the parachute as shown here.
Pull the opposing parachute lines together and adjust the other side to match.
Doing it this way will ensure that both sides are the same.
Repeat this step for each set of lines until you have them all adjusted.
When you have the lines adjusted remove the parachute and knot the line as before to secure the lines.

At this point you are ready to test fly the parachute.
If you find the parachute needs no further adjustment than you can complete the final step know as dressing the lines.

For this step all you do is slide a piece of 1 1/4" long heat shrink tubing over the end of each clip.
Then trim the excess line and heat them to keep them from fraying. (see image below)
Heat the heat shrink tubing and it will secure the lines.
At this point your parachute has been rigged and dressed and is ready to fly.

The most important thing is to tie off the lines at the right length.
In fact it is so important that once you have the lines sewn to your parachute,
I am willing to tie and dress the lines for you at no charge if your parachute is built per my instruction.
All you need to do is cover shipping charges and send me your clips and 1/2" rings and I will tie the lines
and trim the parachute out for you. When you get the parachute back it will be ready to fly.
Just let me know if you have questions or want more information.
I am always glad to help any time I can.