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See it in action. (very short clip)

See more action.

The 2005 Project Update can be seen here: http://testfly.0catch.com/lawnmower/update2005.html

RC Mower Project Page 1 (About the Project).

Quick view of the project. See these pictures and more using the links below.

You may be thinking why would this guy want to convert his mower to radio control anyway. Right? Well, let me say this is not for everyone. The reason I did this was because I am not able to ride my mower without being in a lot of pain for a few days after doing so. I injured my back 11 years ago and three operation later I still have problems with it almost daily. (always when I over do it though!) So, I figure this is the best thing for me. I have completed the conversion and the mower works so good that I have taken off both the seat and the steering wheel. The mower is now controlled by the radio only. You can follow along if you would like to see how the conversion was done.

Will it work?

About 5 years ago I took a self-propelled walk behind mower and converted it to Radio Control (RC) and used it to mow a runway for flying RC Airplanes. It worked very well. My back is starting to control what I do so while I still can; I took on the task of converting my riding mower to radio control. My long time flying Buddy will be happy to hear I have finished this project.
Walt you can relax because the 16 HP RC mower has come to life! This should be interesting to say the least huh?

I have put a lot of thought in this project. The result is very rewarding to me now because I am able to mow my lawn and take pride in something that in time without this mower I would no longer be able to do. I have also found other uses for the mower. We had some high wind and large limbs had fallen from a few of the big pecan trees in the back of my property. I was able to pull (with the rc mower) the large limbs to a location and cut them up so the yard trash people would take them away.

The Mower uses 3 channels. Channel 1 operates the steering system, channel 2 operates the throttle/clutch/brake system and channel 3 operates the shifting system. The next update will be to add the system to engage and disengage the mower deck.
Like all mowers there are safety devices in place that promote safe operation. The clutch must be disengaged as well as the mower deck in order for the mower to start. There is also in place two kill switches that will stop the mower at any time. If the battery gets low for the remote control system the mower will shut down. If the battery gets low on the transmitter I will hear a beep and see a flashing LED letting me know I have a low transmitter battery.

Thanks to all the people that have sent emails asking about the project. I never expected this to be what it has become. The design is simple and I would guess it could be adapted to just about any riding mower with very little work. I have redone the page layout so it will take you step by step through the conversion. If you have questions just ask I am glad to help. As always the info is free. Many people have asked if I was going to copywrite or pattend the design. I find it more rewarding to share my ideas than to protect them. I do however document them well so if someone goes and makes Billions of dollars I would like my cut. :-)

Cutting the lawn is no longer a chore I dread. It is one I can do now with no pain in my back at any time.

Walt, I should have done this years ago.

Here are the links for the RC Mower Project!

About the project. (Page 1) **You are here**

The Steering system. (page 2)

The Clutch/Brake system. (page 3)

The Radio box. (page 4)

Throttle linkage. (page 5)

Safety Devices. (page 6)

First cut with the RC mower. (page 7)

A Shifting system has been added. (page 8)

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