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Everyone should know There are two kinds of ribs.
There is the kind for wings and the kind for eaten!

"Here is how I do my eaten ribs."

I boil my ribs about 20 minutes and while they are boiling I get the grill ready. I turn on the heat and when the grill is very hot I clean it.

Then I fill my tray of water (seen on the right)
and add the ribs. You might note I cut the ribs in 3 to 4 bone sections. This helps me better control how they are cooked. Also look at the heat, I have the fire on low and using only the burner on the right.

The trick to good ribs is to keep turning them and cook them slow and with indirect heat. You see I moved the short end ribs to the lower rack. That is because the top rack is hotter and I don't want to cook them to fast.

I turn my meat every 5 minutes. This lets the meet cook even on both sides. The water on the grill will help keep the meat from drying out.

I cook my ribs on the grill for about an hour and then add the sauce and finish cooking.

When I sauce the ribs I will turn them more often because the sugar in the sauce will cause the meat to burn.

Man I can taste these ribs already.

Oh yeah I almost forgot.... Another reason I cut the ribs into sections is so when I get in the door I can start eaten instead of hearing my wife telling me to cut up the ribs.

Yep my Favorite words......

Lets eat baby the ribs are done!

OK here is the deal now. The next time you cook ribs.
Try them like I have shown and let me know what you think.
I will also add chicken to the web site soon.
Yep there is two kinds of chicken too.
One is the guy that spends six months building a new airplane and won't fly it and the other is the kind I cook.
Trust me when I say "It is easy to cook and the taste is wonderful".

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