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Sea Breeze Showcase page
for the 62" X 24" parachute (.25 size)
Here you can view Custom sewn Parachutes.
All Sea Breeze parachutes can be sewn in many colors. From a single color parachute to multi color parachute. Below are just a few of the many different color layouts I have done for others.
Viewing them should give you a idea of what can be done. All parachutes are rigged and test flown before they are shipped. All Sea Breeze parachutes are backed for two years against line cuts and prop strikes. (owner must cover shipping both ways)
You can order just the parachute and build your own Sea Breeze Gondola if you want to save on the total cost of the model. I make it easy with Free Gondola plans when you buy any size Sea Breeze Parachute.
You can now fly the 62" (25 size) parachute using
glow power or electric power. It is your choice!
Here is a look at the electric setup.
Click on each image to view more of that color.


Multi Colors

Custom Flags

Night Flying

Order a complete RTF model or you can order just the parachute and build the Gondola yourself. This saves me time on your order and you money.
Order a Sea Breeze Parachute and you will receive a free set of Gondola plans if you ask for them.
Click Here to view more about flying a Sea Breeze Paraplane
Click Here to see how the parachutes are made.
Click Here to view more parachute construction images.
You can order a custom made parachute HERE at no extra charge.
View All Paraplane models that are ON SALE and ready to ship HERE.


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