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Welcome to the Parachute Page.

Here is a closer look at how I make the Parachutes.

You can always Click the pictures to enlarge them.

If you have questions just ask and I will help in any way I can.


PLEASE NOTE: This parachute was built to be flown during the taping of a TV program that aired on channel 13 out of Tampa Friday March 8, 2002.

Here are a few of the colors I use often.

The first thing to do is pick a top and bottom panel color and cut each to the proper size and starting in the center place lines down both panels every 3 5/8".

If you want to use more than one color for the top or bottom panel just stitch the colors together and then cut the panels to size.

Here I am using Yellow Orange and Red for the bottom panel.

Start with the leading edge and hem the edge back 1/2".

Then fold the material again and stitch the hem closed on both sides.

Here is a look at the finished leading edge on the bottom panel. Now do the same for the leading edge on the top panel.

Now sew the ribs to the top panel on the 3 5/8" lines you placed on the panels. (Note: Start at the leading edge and match as shown.

Here the center rib is in place.

Now add the remaining ribs to the top panel.

The end ribs will be sewed so that the seam will be finished on the outside.

Once you sew the outside rib in place. Stitch the material to the top panel. This will force the material to hold its shape at the top of the rib.

Look here and you can see a Orange rib sewed to the Blue top panel. Also note the stitch in the Top panel (Blue) that forces the corner to hold its shape.

Then cut the ribs back to match the top panel where needed.

To complete the chute now add the bottom panel to the ribs again starting at the leading edge. Sew the last rib to the line at the end of the panel. (Note: The end rib is orange and the bottom panel is yellow)

Then fold the material and sew as shown. (Note: The end rib is orange and the bottom panel is yellow)

Then fold again and sew as shown. (Note: The end rib is orange and the bottom panel is yellow)

To finish the trailing edge of the chute. Sew a straight stitch 1/2" back from the edge. Then fold the material and stitch as shown.

Then fold the material again and stitch again.

Then stitch as shown to complete the trailing edge.


Now place a mark at 18" on the ribs that will have lines attached to them. (See plan)

Start the 3/16" pleat at the leading edge. The pleat should end at 18".
Here is a look at the lines and pleats attached on onother parachute.
Here is a look at the end rib and how the line is attached.
What you see there is a blue end rib, a blue bottom panel and a red top panel.
The lines attach to the outside of the end panels and to the top of the trailing edge.

Here is the completed chute ready for the lines to be added.

This model in flight Shown here.

Here the lines have been added and the chute is ready for flight.

Click HERE to view more pictures of the steps above.


If you need more details email me HERE PLEASE!



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