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Welcome to the Helicopter Page!

Gold Shuttle .30 size with the Bell Jet Ranger Fuselage!

Here are some pictures of the .30 size Suttle I have updated to a Shuttle Gold machine.

You can always Click the pictures to enlarge them.

If you have questions just ask and I will help in any way I can.


HERE is a short clip launching a bottle rocket from one of the Heli's in flight.

Jet Ranger on the flight line. This was taken just hours before I bought the fuselage to go on my Shuttle.

This was taken just after I bought the Jet Ranger fuselage and mounted it to my heli. Fly-by at 20'.

Low and slow. I like to fly scale.

The Shuttle in a hover.

Coming in to land.

The Shuttle is a nice .30 size machine. I bought it New back in 1992 and it is still going strong. I replace the .35 Enya heli engine in 1998. The old engine still runs but needs new bearings. 6 years on a set of bearings is really pretty good.

I have painted the Bell Jet Ranger green to match the c-130 I fly.

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